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Student and alumni spotlight
Chris Knight
Chris Knight 

As a young adult, I pursued an associate of science degree with the intent of completing that program and making a career for myself. As I grew in my professional skills, I decided I wanted to expand my horizons and continue my education. This included starting coursework in a new field and major that quickly began to overwhelm me. My friend informed me about the RBA program at WVU. I decided to look into this for myself. After speaking with the helpful staff in the RBA programs office at WVU, I quickly realized this was just what I needed to complete my bachelor’s degree. Carol and Barbara gave me great advice to get started on a portfolio submission; as well as online classes and how to transfer credit from all of my other college experiences. The portfolio was a challenge, but I had help every step of the way.

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Dannell Boatman

Dannell Boatman

I chose the RBA program because it allowed me to use all of my undergraduate classes to help me graduate quickly. I had many diverse course credits, so it was great to find a degree program that helped me integrate them into a useful degree.

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