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Barbara Griffin

Barbara Griffin

RBA Program Manager and Senior Advisor

(304) 293-4166

Barbara Griffin graduated with the RBA in 2004, emphasis in COMM Studies and Gerontology certification. She obtained her master's degree with Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism in 2008, and was involved with the 'Cancer Stories' documentary and book, Veterans History Project (WVU and Library of Congress), Production of West Virginians Remember World War II with Producer Russ Barbour (PBS) and Documentary, and the 'Starting Over' Project with Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism. She is also a Hospice volunteer for Mercy Ministries with Chestnut Ridge Church, and full time recruiter for the RBA program. 

I am a Zumba instructor, Basic, Gold, Aqua, and Toning and now an avid gym rat , as well as an avid documentary photographer. I believe in furthering your education, no matter what age you are, there is always room to learn more and be involved with awesome opportunities in the great state of WV.