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Credit for Prior Learning

The Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) program allows our adult learners to earn College Equivalent Credits (CECs) for work/career, life, and other academic experiences. The program recognizes the fact that many of our students have generally accumulated a wealth of work and life experiences that may be compatible with some of the courses that WVU and other state institutions offer. Thus we encourage our students to take advantage of this unique opportunity to petition for CECs if they have already acquired similar or equivalent learning experiences due to their work experiences. If successful, awarded credits could help meet graduation requirements while reducing the overall costs of their college experience.

However, it is important that students understand that they are not being given credits for the years of service in their respective fields. Rather, they are being given credits based on their ability to articulate how their varied career experiences may have helped them to acquire equivalent or similar knowledge that they would have otherwise acquired in the classroom.

For instructions on how to submit a portfolio to petition for CEC's, please visit the Portfolio Submission Policies and Procedures page.

If you still have questions about portfolios or the process of submission, please review our Portfolio FAQs page or contact the RBA office at or 304-293-5441.