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RBA students are required to complete a total of 120 hours and hold a 2.0 GPA to graduate.

What is a General Education Foundation (GEF)? 

The RBA Program requires students to take a minimum of 24 hours of GEF work. The GEF requirements are:

  • Six hours of communication skills. English 101 and 102. May substitute a university approved writing class or a speech preparation class.
  • Six hours of humanities credit in areas such as literature, foreign languages, history, humanities, philosophy, religious studies and approved courses in art, music, and theater.
  • Six hours of social science credit in areas such as anthropology, communication studies, economics, geography, political science, psychology, social science, and sociology.
  • Three hours of natural or physical science credits in areas such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, physics, and physical science.
  • Three hours of approved mathematics, statistics, or computer science credits

What are upper division courses? 

The RBA degree requires students to take a minimum of 27 hours of upper division course work. Upper division courses are those offered at the junior and senior levels and are usually numbered as 300- or 400-level courses.

Upper division courses may be taken in any eligible subject area or a combination of Areas of Emphasis based on the students' interest.

What is College Equivalent Credit (CEC)? 

The basic principle underlying the RBA degree is that credit is awarded for what students know regardless of how that knowledge was attained. The program differs from other bachelor degrees in that RBA students may earn college-equivalent credit by submitting portfolios for selected work and life experiences which can be equated to college courses.

Do I have to take a foreign language? 

No. The RBA curriculum is determined by State Guidelines and no foreign language is required by those guidelines.

Do I have to take regular, graded courses to meet RBA General Education (GEF) and upper division requirements? 

No. You may meet the GEF and upper division requirements by passing appropriate CLEP, Dantes, or AP exams with specified scores; earning college-equivalent credit, or earning credit by exam from WVU Departments.

Do I have to take the 24 hours of residency credit at WVU? 

No. State Guidelines require that six hours of upper division (300-400 level) course work be taken at WVU. The rest of the residency credit may be taken at any one or a combination of the public higher education institutions in West Virginia.

Can I meet the residency requirement with college-equivalent credit? 

No. Residency hours must be earned by taking regular, graded courses. Likewise, you cannot use CLEP or other tests or credit-by-exam to meet the residency requirement.

Does taking regular, graded courses for residency mean I have to take courses on campus? 

No. Residency requirement could also be satisfied taking online courses (along with some options offered through satellite campuses).

The RBA Program currently offers over 200 online course options through WVU Online.

Can the same courses be used to meet the residency requirement as well as GEF or upper division requirements? 

Yes. Some courses might meet all three requirements at once, but they will only count once toward the 120 hours needed for graduation.