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    Will there be a separate application for the Master’s program?
    Yes. Your assigned advisor will work with you to ensure that all materials are submitted before deadlines are met. 

    Would I need to complete the GRE, GMAT, or other standardized exams?
    Every program has different requirements. Generally, standardized exams are waived in lieu of 5+ years or more of professional work experiences. The Clinical and Mental Rehabilitation Counseling program is the only exception that requires either the GRE or MAT regardless of the depth of one’s work experience. 

    Once entering into the pathway, can I later change my mind?
    Absolutely. Students are able to change their minds at any time between entering into a pathway and completing their RBA degree.

    What if I do not currently meet the minimum criteria?
    Interested students may still enter into the pathway programs; however, they will need to ensure that they meet the established criteria before they complete their RBA degrees. If they are still unable to meet the program criteria, then they will be removed and they will need to apply to the graduate program as a regular applicant. 

    How long can I remain in the pathway?
    Students can remain in the pathway program (at the RBA level) until they complete their undergrad. 

    What is the primary benefit of joining the pathway program?
    You are guaranteed admission into your graduate program if the minimum requirements are met. You will not have to compete with other applicants for a place. 

    Can I complete my program entirely online?
    Currently, there are two hybrid program (MBA and Counseling) that requires students to attend mandatory on-campus residencies. The other programs can be completed entirely online.  

    How do I join the Pathways Program?
    Please contact your assigned adviser for additional information.