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Estimate Your Cost of Attendance

Your specific cost of attendance at WVU can vary based on several factors. To estimate how much it would cost for you to attend WVU, please visit the WVU Admissions website.

Financial Aid

To review the financial aid opportunities available to WVU students, please visit the WVU Financial Aid website.

Student refund procedure

To view the refund procedures that must be followed, please click here.

RBA Student Scholarships

For a list of scholarships available specifically to students in the WVU Regents Bachelor of Arts program, please visit the RBA Scholarships page.

Graduation information

Students should apply to graduate the first month of the semester in which they have been approved by their advisor to graduate. There is no fee for this process, but the Application to Graduate is now filed electronically and must be submitted by the application deadline listed on the WVU Registrar Website. Additionally, if you'd also like to participate in the college's May Commencement Ceremony, please register before the deadline on the CEHS Graduation Info page. Please note that applying to graduate does not automatically include you in the commencement ceremony. A separate registration process is required, as outlined on the CEHS Graduation Info page.