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Credit by Exam

 There are several credit by exam options available to RBA students. Credit by exams are exams students can take in order to receive college credit. If a student passes the exam with a certain score, they can receive college-level credit for coursework offered through WVU. Currently, there are three credit by exam options available to RBA students:

1. CLEP (College-Level Exam Program)CLEP allows students to complete coursework in a variety of subject areas which can equate directly to several different course options offered through WVU. See the WVU CLEP equivalency chart to see which course options may be available. CLEP exam registration costs $87 and may equate to three credit hours.

2. DSST (formally DANTES Subject Standardized Tests)DSST exams are similar to CLEP exams except they are specifically designed and tailored for adult learners. DSST exam registration costs $85 and usually equate to three upper or lower credit hours toward the RBA degree. 

3WVU Main Campus Credit by ExamsThere are several credit by exam options offered by various departments on WVU's main campus. These credit by exams allow students to receive credit for specific courses offered through WVU by taking a comprehensive exam through a specified department. Currently, the following departments offer credit by exam options for WVU students. Mathematics and World Languages