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    Online Hybrid MBA

    This pathway is designed with students in both the business and non-business sectors in mind. The WVU Online Hybrid MBA program will help develop the knowledge and confidence in those interested in areas such as Management, Leadership, Finance, Marketing, Strategic Communication, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, and Management Information Systems, among others.

    One of the great values of the Online Hybrid MBA program is that it allows students – both veterans and newcomers to a particular area of business – to pursue a graduate degree while working full-time which allows for continued professional growth and may give them an advantage in the job market.

    This program spans 2 years, 48 credit hours and is cohort based. Additionally, there are 4 mandatory 3-4 days residency requirements whereby students are required to be on campus with their cohort to discuss, collaborate and connect with peers on what they have learned and apply that knowledge to existing issues. Typically, residencies run from Thursday to Saturday, or Sunday to Tuesday. Residency dates will be provided 4-6 months in advance for students to make the necessary arrangements.

    Admission requirements into the RBA - Online Hybrid MBA Program:

    Students must currently be in the WVU RBA program to join the RBA- Online MBA Pathway program. In addition, they must complete the following course requirements with a grade C or higher prior to completing their RBA degrees:

    1. ECON 201 and 202 or BUSA 201
    2. ACCT 201 and 202 or BUSA 202
    3. ECON 225 or STAT 211

    Please speak with Neron Thomas ( for alternate options that may be available.

    Students are also encouraged to take upper level Business Administration (BUSA) and Entrepreneurship (ENTR) courses, or pursue an Area of Emphasis or Minor in one of those areas or related areas.

    Also, students are required to have:

    1. At least 5 years of professional experience in order to have the GMAT exam waived; otherwise, they will be required to take the GMAT exam.
    2. A 3.0 cumulative GPA to stay in the Pathway program.

    Students are guaranteed admission if minimum requirements are all met.

    For further information about the RBA-MBA program, please visit the link below, or contact Neron Thomas.

    Learn more about the RBA-MBA program.